Real People. Real Results.

The results of my clients are not just improved health and body, but also success stories, overcoming themselves, character building and fighting laziness.

Once you leave the comfort zone, you will find something new and extraordinary in your life.



Europen champion in athletic fitness, 2013 (WBFF).
World Champion in Bench Press, 2016.

Anna came to the gym just to form a body and improve her posture. Her discipline and tenacity allowed her to go further and participate in athletic fitness competitions. Incredibly, she won the European Championships, showing the best fitness! Anna’s experience proves that everyone has potential.

«Training with Liudmila is a pleasure. Training is always diverse, dynamic and interesting, thanks to the regular change in the complex of exercises and the alternation of physical activity. Liudmila is a professional in her field, who is very competent in planning every training, clearly understanding what the pupil needs. If you follow all the recommendations given by Liudmila, it will not take long to achieve results! In addition, Liudmila can always be consulted online and get a detailed, accessible answer.
In general, Liudmila, you are the best coach! I recommend and tell everybody about you!
Thank you for the sporty spirit!

NADIA, nurse, 60 years old

Nadia came to me to lose weight. After measuring her Body Mass Index (over 30) we chose a strategy to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass. We worked hard to strengthen the pelvic, thigh and back muscles as Nadia had severe pain in the hip joint. The result after 8 weeks of training and proper nutrition speaks for itself.
hip pain and the risk of chronic diseases.
weight by 6 kg
waist volume by 6 cm

«I am grateful to Mila not only for my excellent health, but also for my transformed body. Now I feel a lot more confident wearing my favorite dress.»

MILA K TONHEIM, mother of 2 daughters, Fitness Coach
My own story can help someone get inspired and start getting out of the comfort zone.

The subject of fat loss has always worried me. The problem of being overweight has affected me after a year of breastfeeding my second daughter.

I didn’t like myself! Disgusting fat and cellulite on my hips. But it was nice that I have already accumulated enough knowledge and experience in the physiology of sports and nutrition, working as a coach at a Moscow club. I knew what to do, but I did not have time to go to the gym. You know how difficult it is with 2 young children.

And I found a way out! I found a good woman next door who walked with my baby for 1.5 hours for a little money. During this time I ran to the nearest gym (rocking gym with big guys), practiced for 1 hour and then ran 30 minutes in the park. Three times a week. And so 1.5 months.

Of course I cut my calories. I stopped frying food in butter, eating bread and sweets…

But that’s not all. I knew that to be motivated to follow my nutrition and training plan, I needed a dead line, X day, because discipline is always a problem. And once I thought about it, fate gives me a chance. I meet a girl, a photographer. We agreed on a photo shoot in 6 weeks and necessarily in a swimsuit, sexy look, which, by the way, later had a positive impact on sexual relations with my husband.

All this worked and I was able to return my body after the birth of two children and breast-feeding for over a year.
Everybody just needs to…
good plan, motivation and discipline!
It’s not hard to get in shape. You can do that, too.

And in the end, I want to say that starting with a simple fat reduction and getting my body in shape, I got so carried away that I won twice the international fitness competition at 33.
I could only dream about it!

It happened in my life. Something out of the ordinary may happen to you as well. Strive, develop, move forward and get out of your comfort zone.

Petter Gusgaar, 45 years old

I’ve started exercising with Mila on the recommendation and I should acknowledge that it was one of the best time/money investments during the last year.
I had an accident with life-threatening injuries a year ago.
After a long hospital and rehab center stay, I needed to regain muscle mass in my arms and legs. Mila is a truly excellent personal trainer! She combines knowledge of training methodologies and proper nutrition with an enthusiastic commitment to her work and client.
She demonstrates a move, and then explains what each exercise does for your body, as well as what correct form looks like.
Mila not only improved my physical condition, but also helped me to stay engaged and motivated throughout the training.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, that actually cares about the clients’ progress and will help you achieve your desired results, Mila is the one!