With my background as double absolute world champion in athletic fitness, I created this program for those people wanting to either step on stage in competitive fitness, bikini or bodybuilding competitions.
Full support, unlimited contact, working together to bring the best possible condition for either your upcoming physique or fitness competition.
My choreographic education allows me to professionally prepare your posing for better presentation at competitions.
The longer prep periods are for those who wish to work with me for an extended period of time, for example, during off seasonal structural phases leading into peak prep.

What’s Included:
  • Unlimited WhatsApp/ Messenger contact
  • Unlimited Email contact
  • 45-60 min Initial Skype/phone call consultation
  • Individual plan built from scratch Itemised training split and programs which are periodisized every 2-6weeks depending on the phase and progress.
  • Individual meal plans
  • Unlimited Peak Week Plans (e.g. more than one comp during the coaching period)
  • Post show reversal plan (to ensure you transition from comp prep to normality as quickly as possible with the emphasis on health
  • Nutritional information booklet
  • How to be a flexible dieter info pack (should you wish to follow flexible dieting)
  • Weekly checkins

12 weeks 14000 NOK (4700 NOK per month)

16 weeks 18200 NOK (4550 NOK per month)

20 weeks 22000 NOK (4400 NOK per month)