Personalised 1-2-1 Online Fitness Coaching is a step-by-step guide to improve your fitness and health.
You’ll have access to your personal trainer, expert support, an area with training materials on thinking, nutrition, safe and challenging workouts.

My programs are designed to teach you how to feel and understand your body, to highlight imbalances and areas that require your extra attention.  Using the exercises and techniques outlined in the program, you will get improved posture, strength and mobility.

It really depends on the level of support you need.  That’s why I always ask to talk to you online and learn a little more about you, your goals, lifestyle and habits. I will then develop the best level of support for you.
If you choose the 3 month package, which is the best, as I will have enough time to tell you about my diet and exercise methods.  After 1, 3 or 6 months you have the choice to continue or leave with knowledge and tools to continue this lifestyle for life.
No prior learning experience is required. I will service all levels of knowledge and experience and develop a plan that fits your needs.
You don’t have to!  I develop training plans that match your lifestyle and needs. Whether it’s a gym, at home or on the street.
Depending on the degree of injury, I can change your training plan so that you can still enjoy a successful training regimen without interfering with your progress.
In any case, we can discuss this in more detail and see if there is a solution.